Une fanfiction est une manière pour la culture de réparer les dégâts commis dans un système où les mythes contemporains sont la propriété des entreprises au lieu d'être celle du peuple.
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 [Merlin] - Her eyes believed in mysteries (complete)

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MessageSujet: [Merlin] - Her eyes believed in mysteries (complete)   Mar 25 Jan - 17:23

Her eyes believed in mysteries
Tv show: Merlin
Disclaimer: The characters depicted herein belong to Shine and BBC. I make no profit from this endeavor.
Spoiler: No real spoiler for anything.
Status: Finished
Rating: K
Genre: General
N/A: Fic written for my prompts at fc_smorgasbord. They've been lying around for at least a year. Thanks to muse_random I finally started to use them.
I'm not sure this fic will make any sense to anyone but me... though I'm still posting it because I like it.
Summary: future!fic. Mordred remember Morgana's eyes.

Mordred remembered her eyes. They used to be full of life and fire. They were the eyes of the woman he had loved, they were the eyes he would always remember, and always miss. They were still full of fire today but the life was gone, broken by shattered dreams. He wanted to see the old innocence in them again, he wanted to see the wonder in them, the sparkle in them; but it was all gone, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't bring it back. He couldn't fix her.
He could sometimes see the shadow of the past in her eyes, of that time when they had both been innocent and ready to believe in mysteries, to believe in a future that was theirs. But now, years later, nothing shone like it did before, everything was tainted with the bitter colour of defeat. They were not dead, they were not even alone. But the silent promises they made, the hopes they had... it had all been burnt down for them. They wanted it back, they wanted a chance again to be loved like they once were, but it was impossible now, it was only a foolish hope they tried to forget. No one would believe them, a path had been chosen for them and they could only follow it blindly, obediently. They lacked the courage to fight back, to believe in ancient dreams and past mysteries. They lacked the courage to say they had been wrong, that they had always been wrong. But then again, no one had shown them the right path, no one had welcomed them and they had had to build this world of theirs, this stone strong fortress. It was too late now to turn back and destroy it, and run free from it. Her eyes would never be full of life and fire again. Neither would his. The fire had won. The life was gone.

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[Merlin] - Her eyes believed in mysteries (complete)
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